Facts: Frozen Foods

Frozen food is defined as food products that are preserved under low temperature and used over a long period. The product market comprises various food products, including ready meals, vegetables & fruits, potatoes, meat & poultry, seafood, and soup.

Before we learn about the range of frozen foods let us look at the benefits of frozen food. These benefits will break some of the myths related to frozen foods.

  • Frozen foods include a lot of natural salt so they tend to last a lot longer.
  • Frozen meals are free from preservatives.
  • Frozen meals retain most of their nutritional value.
  • If you are trying to save money then frozen foods is just what you need s they cost a lot less in comparison to fresh food.
  • Frozen food is safe as the freezing eliminates any contaminative bacteria.
  • Use Product straight from freezer. Do not THAW. Return unused product back to the freezer immediately, If thawed, DO NOT freeze.
  • Pre-heat the oil in Wok to maximum temperature of 175˚C.
  • Fill basket half full so that product is completely submerged in oil to cook properly.
  • Fry product for approximate 3 minutes. Check individual packs for complete cooking instructions.
  • Shake basket gently in between of frying to break up clusters and ensure even cooking.
  • After frying, hold basket for 10 seconds to remove excess oil .

Enjoy your Meal with your favorite sauce, Mayonnaise or homemade pickle with crushed green chili and coriander on top.