About Us



Super Quality Meat Processing Industries Private Limited also abbreviated as “ SQM “ previously incepted in June 2003 in the name of Quality Fresh House and Cold Store based in Butwal expanded turned into a large meat processing industry past ten years with a vision to provide a complete range of Veg. & Non-veg frozen products to the community.



In a long span of 18 years the name SQM brand now became one of the most valued B2B player, catering and leading to consistent passion towards delivering international quality food has brought us one step closer to end consumer as we are already set to serve our products on B2C platform. We aim to democratize our delicacies, which are made from international quality ingredients and suited to the Nepali palate.

The company focuses on every aspect of the process and caters to uplift every person involved in the process. SQM has its distribution network across Nepal and the product is readily available to the renowned businesses and retail consumers across major cities and towns of the country. SQM has built up its own plant to maintain the quality and essence of the product. It helps them to have products available as per their requirement with assured eminence. They get in a pre-agreed price for the raw material from the farmers with buy back guarantee to the farmers. The production unit and corporate office of the company is located at Belbas, Butwal , Rupandehi District of Nepal with automated machines and equipment used for cutting, peeling and shedding of the material. Every equipment is PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) controlled and based on latest German technology. Initially, We started the frozen food as a house based industry with varieties of Sausage products and gradually today we have a product line with 14 frozen Veg products which includes Green peas, Sweet corn, Aloo Tikki, Veggie Stix, Veg Burger Patty, Cheesy Veggie Nuggets, French Fries ( Straight cut, crinkle cut, Skin on fries) , Classic Wedges, Lime and Mint Potato Wedges, Herbs & Chilly Classic Patty, Chilly Garlic Potato Poppers, Hash Brown, Jalapeno Cheesy Pops and around 14 frozen Non-veg based products like Chicken Burger Patty , Chicken Breast Boneless, Chicken Breast Cutlet, Chicken Drumstick, Chicken Mince, Chicken Lollipop , Chicken Sausage, Chicken C Special, Chicken Momo , Chicken Nuggets, Chicken Popcorn, Chicken Seekh Kabab, Chicken Wings, Whole Chicken, Frozen Prawn and Frozen Basa Fish. Among them few are imported branded vegetarian food products which will shortly be produced by our own country based home plant launching and operating shortly within the start of 2022 AD.

At SQM, we maintain stringent systems and processes that assures the quality of our branded and private label products, throughout the supply chain. we strictly follow HACCP standard , and we are certified HALAL/ISO:22000:2018.
We can proudly claim that we are a ‘Nepali Company with Halal ISO Certified Production Standards’.